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Duplex & Multifamily Mortgages

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Financing your plans doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated process. At Quintessential Mortage Group, we ensure you’re involved in the financing and purchasing of a home. Our team has earned a reputation as being knowledgeable in various types of home financing, especially when looking at Multi-Family options.

Multi-family properties typically generate a predictable income and boast a consistent appreciation rate. On the downside, they demand more of your time, often have high up-front costs, and might require you to outsource property management tasks. You should be aware of everything that’ll be involved. If your real estate portfolio primarily contains single-family homes, adding a multi-family investment might increase your revenue stream. This porperty can provide diversity and enable an easier cost of living for yourself if you decide to occupy one of the units.

QMG Helping You Become A Property Investor

If you are planning to purchase a multi-family property with between five and eight units, we can help. We offer an innovative loan program that addresses the unique needs of property investors. We know your life is dynamic and complex, and that’s why we work around you.

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