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Condo Mortgages

Program Overview

Obtaining a condo loan is typically a complex process, usually more than other types of property loans. This is due to a condo’s value being subject to specific metrics, many of which aren’t controlled by borrowers. Mortgage companies in the U.S. have higher eligibility criteria for condo loans to account for these risks, making qualifying for a condo loan normally a longer process. However, with our condo programs, our loan officers take you through each step while answering any of your questions.

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During the underwriting process, the provider will review many personal fiscal factors. Banks will not only look into your financial history, as the HOA or any other entities will be examined as well- such factors include: 

  • Percentage of rented units versus occupied units
  • The amount of capital held for maintenance
  • The space designated for nonresidential activities (such as on-site gym, swimming pool, and laundry facilities)

These requirements will vary depending on the mortgage you are applying for. Condos are a good investment for many, however, they come with stricter mortgage approval guidelines. They are usually cheaper than single-family homes. The associations and purchasing process can be tedious, but we’re here to help. Find out if owning a condo is right for you, and contact one of our professional loan officers today. We’re prepared to go through the loan process together and bring our professional knowledge to you.

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