Финансирование гостиниц

Buying or Refinancing?


Whether someone is in the market to purchase a new hotel property or needs to refinance an existing property, we work with them to find the financing option and provider best suited to their needs.

Мы проводим заемщиков через процесс подачи заявки, андеррайтинга и утверждения кредита. Наше стремление к удовлетворению потребностей клиентов не заканчивается на выдаче кредита. Кредитный специалист тесно сотрудничает со всеми сторонами, чтобы кредит был закрыт как можно быстрее, и наши заемщики могли использовать свои финансовые средства с пользой.

Отрасль, которую мы знаем


When the time comes to finance the acquisition or expansion of a hotel, Quintessential Mortgage Group can help. Our commitment to providing superior service and accommodating the needs of our clients makes us the mortgage broker hotel owners choose when they need money for a project.

We have loan officers with years of experience arranging to finance hotels, motels, and rooming houses. They understand the unique challenges of the hotel industry and find solutions to overcome them.

The following documentation is required for underwriting purposes:

  • Articles of incorporation with stock certificates for corporations and articles of organization and operating agreements for other forms of business.
  • Business banking statements for the most recent three-month period.
  • Profit and loss statement.
  • Pro forma spreadsheet.
  • Narrative business plan.

Our loan officers will be happy to work with borrowers to meet provider underwriting requirements. Please contact us today with any questions or to see if we can help with your hotel goals. 

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