5% Down Multifamily Loan


Conventional loans have long been a favored option among homebuyers, and this latest enhancement elevates their appeal even further. In the past, acquiring a 2-unit property necessitated a substantial 15% down payment, while 3-4 unit properties required an even more substantial 20% down payment. However, the recent update opens up new possibilities, enabling you to offer your clients the chance to acquire 2-4 unit owner residences with a mere 5% down payment.

This development is particularly advantageous for individuals interested in 3-4 unit properties that might not meet the criteria of FHA’s Self-Sufficiency test.

QMG Revolutionizing the 5% Multifamily Loan Landscape

Our 5% Multifamily Loan Program offers key benefits that make it an attractive option for prospective buyers for owner occupied homes. With a minimal 5% down payment requirement, this program lowers the barrier to entry for multifamily property ownership. Advantages of this program include: 

  • A 5% Down Payment: Significantly lower down payment requirements for 2-4 unit primary residence purchases.

  • No Income Limits: Clients can benefit from this financing option without being concerned about income restrictions.

  • No Self-Sufficiency Requirement: Unlike FHA loans, conventional loans do not impose a self-sufficiency requirement, providing greater flexibility.

Our loan officers work with you to fully utilize the capabilities of this loan program. You have the freedom to leverage this financing option without worrying about income restrictions, allowing more flexibility in your homeownership goals. Additionally, unlike FHA loans, there’s no self-sufficiency requirement, providing you with even greater flexibility and control over your multifamily property. Our loan officers work with you to obtain the right multifamily loan. Owner-occupied housing is achievable whether it might be through a standard purchase, Cash-Out Refinances, HomeReady, or HomeStyle Renovation– we work to ensure your loan exceeds your needs and achieve your real estate aspirations.

Contact our team of skilled loan officers today, and see if the 5% multifamily program is right for you!







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