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Whether someone is in the market to purchase a new hotel property or needs to refinance an existing property, we work with them to find the financing option and lender best suited to their needs.

We guide borrowers through the application, underwriting, and approval of the loan. Our dedication to client satisfaction does not end with a loan commitment. A loan officer closely works with all parties to get the loan closed as quickly as possible, so our borrowers can put their financing to good use.

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Quintessential Mortgage Group offers a cash flow option that grants borrowers purchasing or refinancing for investment properties. Through this option, the borrower is eligible to use the rental income from the subject investment property ( the property used for the cash flow program). The program option does require at least one borrower to have a documented 12-month history of managing rental properties(history is not required to be in the most recent 3 years).

Key features of the Cash Flow program include:

  • 1-4 unit investment properties only
  • SFR, PUDs, and condos (warrantable and non-warrantable) are eligible
  • Debt-to-income is not considered; qualification is based on the debt service coverage ratio


For this program, a declaration of intent and source of income repayment may be needed. The title of the property must also be in the name of the corporation, LLC, or partnership. A cash flow program can help generate income from investment properties, and it’s important to know all that’s involved in the process. We do our due diligence at QMG for borrowers to understand all their financing options and how we can help get you qualified. 

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