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HomeStyle Renovation Loan

What is a homestyle renovation?

At Quintessential Mortgage Group, we make sure you understand the details and the process while securing financing. A HomeStyle renovation loan is a single-close loan used for renovations ranging from a 1- to 4-unit primary residence, or a 1-unit second home/1-unit investment without needing a second method of financing. The loan can be used when purchasing without the need for a home equity loan or the additional burden of the second set of closing costs.

  • One-time close home construction loan that finances the home and its improvements
  • Any permanent renovation that adds value to the home is eligible
  • Improvements such as swimming pools
  • 6 months to complete renovations
  • Loan-To-Value is based on the home’s projected future price so borrowers can afford construction costs
  • Can be used on vacation homes and investment properties

The HomeStyle mortgage program provides many opportunities for renovations big and small. Fannie Mae combines the needed financing into a single loan that allows borrowers to finance renovations. 

The Process


Quintessential Mortgage Group keeps the process simple. Initial steps include sharing the planned improvements with the provider. The home or property is then appraised as part of the mortgage approval. The appraiser will base the value on the future worth of the finished house. This then ensures that borrowers have enough money to finance both the house and the construction costs. If a property can’t be occupied during renovation, financing can extend up to 6 months. The borrower must choose their own licensed contractor. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, please contact our team of experts at QMG to learn more.

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