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Buying a co-op is a unique type of home ownership, and the co-op loan process is made simple at Quintessential Mortgage Group. The process is lengthier and requires board approval. Our expertise combined with market stratedgy provides borrowers with a streamlined process that delivers exceptional service from start to finish.

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We have been providing borrowers with simplicity throughout the loan process. Our hands-on approach guides us through the intricacies of co-op financing and delivers innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. At QMG, we base our loans on the best options available to borrowers:

  • Available in select areas of New York and New Jersey
  • Non-warrantable co-ops (buildings that have financing issues)
  • Cash-out to 75% of the value of your unit
  • Low appraisal fee

We have been providing borrowers with an easier way to do business and obtain competitive financing. We work with you and your financial needs- please contact our qualified loan officers today. 

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