Cross Collateralization Program

A Powerful financing tool


Quintessential Mortgage Group offers a cross-collateralization financing option to achieve higher Loan-to-value. Cross-collateralization can be a powerful tool, letting you use an asset — like your house, car, or savings account. By using cross-collateralization, you can typically qualify for a lower interest rate on debt products like personal loans, credit cards, and commercial loans. And you won’t have to purchase another asset leveraging what you may already have. 

At Quintessential Mortgage Group, we ensure that our rates and loans are tailored to your specific needs. A cross-collateralization loan can be used for the following:

  • Financing for second home purchases
  • Без ограничений для покупателей, впервые приобретающих жилье
  • Cosigners are allowed on the loan.


Cross-collateralization is common in real estate loans. For instance, taking out a second mortgage on a property is considered a form of cross-collateralization. Cross collateralization involves using an asset that’s already collateral for one loan as collateral for a second loan, and at QMG we’ll work with you to understand the process. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact our skilled team of loan officers today.

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