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Opportunities for investing


Whether someone is in the market to purchase a new hotel property or needs to refinance an existing property, we work with them to find the financing option and provider best suited to their needs.

We guide borrowers through the application, underwriting, and approval of the loan. Our dedication to client satisfaction does not end with a loan commitment. A loan officer closely works with all parties to get the loan closed as quickly as possible, so our borrowers can put their financing to good use.

helping you grow


A great option to expand your portfolio- the Investment Properties program offers an opportunity for financing while not having as stringent requirements as conventional loans. We know borrowers are looking to finance multiple properties and want to be there for you along the process. See our details below: 

  • 85% LTV with a minimum FICO of 660 (80% LTV with a minimum FICO of 620)
  • Unlimited financed properties
  • Financing for non-warrantable condos and condotels allowed
  • Delayed financing for cash purchases


Please reach out to our team of skilled loan officers today, and see if the investment properties program is right for you. 





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